Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

"We're Walking in the Air..."

As the daylight faded and the twinkly lights came on, the air was infused with the sound of magical voices...Teddington Landmark Arts Centre was host to our choir who were accompanying 'Chamber House Winds' group.

The quintet wind group is led by Ian Stott, our Brass instrumental tutor on French Horn, and also includes a bassoon, clarinet, oboe and flute. Our girls opened the performance with a selection of beautiful carols by John Rutter and then led into the narrated story of 'The Snowman'. The sound was truly beautiful in the former church premises and the accompanying percussion on bells was very jingley! Mrs Petersons has been working during lunchtimes to prepare the girls to sing in this public performance and they did her very proud. Well done girls, your voices are a true God-given talent.