Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Here to Save the Day!

We were joined in school by two very enthusiastic volunteer life-boat men who revealed a little about the charity and the work it does around Britain. We all felt very comforted by the fact that there are men and women, who at the beep of a pager, are prepared to help others in need in any stretch of water in this country, whether it is in the sea, by cliffs or coastal paths, on a beach, in a boat, on a lake, or in a river. We learnt that the Thames, closest to us and a river which some of us have been on, has 4 life-boat stations along it's length (at Gravesend, Tower Bridge, Chiswick, Teddington) and the gentlemen speaking to us were from the Teddington station which is in fact the sixteenth busiest station for rescue call-outs. These volunteer men and women aim to be at the life-boat station and launching the rescue boat within 5 minutes of an alert coming through and we watched as they renacted how they got ready for such a call-out which could come in the middle of the night, or during their 'normal, other' working day job.

The RNLI do not just provide rescue boats to help people, they also have life-guards on duty on many British beaches to help prevent the need for the boats to be called out in the first place. The girls listened intently and enjoyed learning about the different flags that are seen flying on the beach that give us various messages to keep us safe in the sea. We can all enjoy being beside the seaside and in the water but doing this safely and respecting the immense power of Mother Nature is also vital.


Getting the vital message across...

Our 'Talk Homework' this week is, "The RNLI saves many lives at sea each year and relies on a volunteer workforce. Should this important work be a full-time, paid role in the same way as for Fire Officers, Police and Paramedics?". Perhaps find out what your daughter thinks following our Assembly.