Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

The Good Samaritan in All of Us

In our 'Celebration Assembly' this morning, Mrs Hair was keen to share and celebrate our acts of kindness and during the last month since our Day of Prayer in October, when we have been focused on the parable of 'The Good Samaritan'.

The girls are all very familiar with this parable which sees two unkind men ignore a neighbour in need and walk on by - it is the good Samaritan who stops and helps, with the message from Jesus to, "Go and do the same yourself". Mrs Whitfield asked us to record any good acts that showed mercy to another on scrolls and some of these were read out in our Assembly - helping at home with the washing, getting involved with some charity work outside school, being a good friend, comforting a sibling and even helping a young child who was lost at a fireworks display were some of the examples of being a good Samaritan that the girls were able to share. Pope Francis' Extraordinary Year of Mercy now draws to a close, but it is hoped its message will continue to be heard loud and clear as we all act with more compassion, mercy, love and respect towards one another.

On Sunday, the Church's Liturgical year ended with the truimphant Feast of Christ the King which celebrates the Kingdom of God in all its richness before beginning the new Liturgical year with the reflective and penitential season of Advent. The Feast of Christ the King is also celebrated, in England and Wales, as National Youth Sunday. In school we now move forward into the season of Advent as we prepare to rejoice at the birth of Christ at Christmas.