Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Fire! Fire!

We were thrilled to welcome 'Green Watch' from New Malden Fire Station today to talk to the girls and show them around a fire engine and some of the life-saving equipment they use. When the firemen asked what number do you dial to recieve help and how do you go about asking for it on the telephone, it was most encouraging to see many hands rasied from our very youngest girls right up to our eldest pupils. We heard about the importance of installing smoke alarms in our homes and getting out immediately if they sound. It was reassuring to see the majority of hands raised in awareness when the girls were asked what poses more threat to you - fire or smoke - as they understood the dangers of smoke inhalation. The Green Watch firefighters were very accommodating answering lots of questions as each class had a chance to tour the engine, see and try on the specialist safety equipment,and even direct a jet of water from the hose. It was a thoroughly engaging and interactive experience as well as being incredibly important and we thank Green Watch members for their time.

  fire brigade

Two new members of 'Green Watch'.