Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14


Despite the fact that it has been a week since the curtain came down on our Year 6 production of 'Peter Pan', the magic has stayed with us as we journeyed to Neverland and witnessed the adventures of the Lost Boys, Captain Hook and his pirates and of course Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and the Darling children.

The girls performed incredibly well and acted and sang their little hearts out. They were word perfect during a long performance of just under 2 hours and inhabited the vast space in the Hall with great authority and character in all their roles. The make-up, costumes, props and set all worked in harmony to present a very polished, traditional, serious performance; a huge 'Thank You' must be extended to Miss Karitoynite, Mrs Earl and Mrs Caple for their contributions in these areas.

Mrs Petersons had worked with the girls to arrange the music and songs to a fantastically high standard, with a number of girls singing solo, undaunted by the large audience on the tiered seating in the Hall. Mrs Thompson spoke after the shows saying, "It was a pleasure to work with such a highly motivated and talented cast.  I was incredibly proud of all the girls and all that they achieved, thank you girls it was great fun!". Judging by the chat in school last week from the Year 6 girls themselves it seemed they did not want the show to end either and would have been happy doing it all over again...never wanting to grow up in the true spirit of the 'Lost Boys'!