Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Jolly hockey sticks!

In Assembly on Tuesday, we were once again very privileged to be able to listen to Olympic sports stars, Richard Alexander and Ben Marsden, talk about their hopes and dreams for the Games this summer and what brought them to this point in life.The most enlightening part of their talk was how they were both 'passed over' on a number of occasions, failing to make the GB national team, because they just were not good enough at the time of selection...but they never gave up and between them had now amassed nearly 200 caps for their country and numerous medals for championships and tournaments won at  national, commonwealth and world level.

It was such a forceful, positive affirming message for our girls to listen to. Of course we all want our children to achieve first time round, but there is nothing wrong with a small set back, a brief 'blip' and then achieving success on the second, third, even fourth attempt. It seems the old adage really rings true that, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try, again"! It is a really important lesson for the girls to understand that if they are not picked for certain teams, or achieve what they want to initially, then it is courageous and admirable to cling tight to your dream and keep going at it, don't give up and aspire towards it in the future.

Following the whole school presentation, during which Richard and Ben answered questions from all age ranges, the Y4 and Y4P classes were treated to a 'hockey masterclass'. The feedback from this was that it was hugely enjoyable, lots of fun and saw a real improvement in skill levels.The girls did exercises and drill that helped improve their grip, stick technique and handling, footwork and ball control skills.

 hockey masterclass

hockey masterclass hockey masterclass hockey masterclass

hockey masterclass

Many thanks to Mrs Snell for, once again, arranging the talk and experience for us all.