Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Share a Worry!

Mrs Hair’s Assembly this morning was a message well worth listening too – “a problem shared is a problem halved”. This is an old proverb, or saying, and one which has a lot of truth in it. All of us, children and staff alike sat in the Hall, have experienced times when we are feeling less than happy and are worrying about something. It does not matter what that worry is specifically, whether it is big or small, it can really get us down emotionally and even make us feel physically sick and tired – especially if we are not sleeping well and lying awake at night worrying about it. Some girls were brave and willing to share their worries with the school; their troubles ranged from not doing Homework to a good enough standard, to being concerned about senior school entrance exams (very current for our Year 6 girls!) and even worrying about if they felt ill in school, but as soon as they had shared these issues with us they admitted to feeling much more relaxed and calm, as Mrs Hair and other staff were able to give suggestions and solutions to their problems. It can sometimes help to even write down what is bothering you as that makes it more real, and tangible, to deal with; there is nearly always an answer that might go all, or part of the way, to resolving it.

So girls, the message is – talk to each other, talk to the various adults in school, talk to those around you at home…share your worry – it does not just belong to you then!