Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Our Lenten Walk

As our Spring Term drew to a close we finished in a very prayerful and reflective mood with our ‘Lenten Walk’. This event recreates the final footsteps and journey Jesus took once He had been condemned to death by the Roman Emperor Pontius Pilot; it is structured around fourteen episodes of that journey known as the ‘stations of the cross’. Many churches depict these visually with plaques or small paintings and sculptures which are used to reflect upon Jesus’ suffering and His great love for us; whilst the mood is solemn and sombre resulting in His death, the ultimate sacrifice, on Good Friday, His resurrection always follows on Easter Sunday and is jubilant and triumphant. We are incredibly blessed with the most beautiful grounds at Holy Cross, and so it makes sense to take this event outside and stage it along a path that we can all physically and spiritually walk. It is a powerful and moving afternoon and the girls join in with utmost respect and calm, praying and singing together.  Our lovely Y6P class took on the roles of Jesus and those He encountered along the way and we were all part of the Jerusalem crowd - a big 'Thank You' and well done to the girls and staff for preparing this and delivering such a humbling event.

lenten walk  lenten walk

Following the path Jesus took.

A few spots of rain were felt in the air towards the end, but we were dry, if a little chilled, compared to the Spring warmth of the previous day; the birds signing, blossom on the trees and daffodils sprouting from the bright green grass set the scene beautifully. With this in mind we extend our warm wishes for you all to enjoy a peaceful and happy Easer with your families, stay safe and protected in the arms of the resurrected Christ our Lord.